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Do You know Google Meet and how to use it?

Google Meet is a recent video calling app that allows its users to call each other from different locations just with the help of an internet connection and a phone. People from all around the world can interact with each other over calls and discuss whatever they want.

In the covid 19 era, where meeting in real life is becoming harder and harder every day, Google Meet has come with the solution for a lot of problems. The Google Meet app can be used for conducting virtual interviews, meetings as well as informal conversations.

Is Google meet free?

Yes, google meet is free. Anyone with a Google account can simply sign in to their Google Meet account and attend or host a video meeting of up to 60 minutes for free. However, there are different plans for international dial ins and live streaming on the app.

How do I use Google Meet?

Using Google Meet is pretty easy. Just follow the steps mentioned underneath:

  1. Download the app from the play store. It is available for both android and iOS.
  2. Sign into the app using your google account.
  3. Head over to the meeting section and either start a meeting or enter your meeting code if you are joining someone else’s meeting.
  4. Join the meeting and you can add other participants as well.

There are additional features during the meeting too, like raising your hand or starting a conversation along with the video. These are particularly useful when you are taking an online lesson and you want to ask questions in the class.

You can turn your video and audio on or off during the meeting too. Just click on the camera or audio button, whichever you wish to switch on or off.

What do you mean by screen share?

Screen share in Google Meet is used to share your screen with the other participants in the meeting. This is not only possible if you are the host but also if you are a participant.

This feature helps others in seeing the presentation that your meeting is based on. This is helpful for schools, colleges as well as companies.

What is Google Meet used for?

Google meet is mostly used for online lectures nowadays. Teachers share the meeting code and password with their students and the students can simply attend the classes by entering the necessary information.

It is also used to conduct interviews by companies nowadays. Due to Covid, physical interviews are no more feasible. Google meet helps you in conducting these meetings and interviews without any disruption. It helps in sharing slides, audio as well as visuals in a single meeting.

So, head over to the app store and download it if you want to conduct or attend a meeting too.


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