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10 instant loan app

It has become super easy to get loans in today’s digital world. Just with the click of a button, you can get a loan of up to 1,00,000. The documents and verification is all done online. Let’s see the different apps that can help us in getting loans online:

  • Moneytap

Moneytap is one of the most secure apps for loans. The payments are made after proper approval from the bank. It is the one stop destination for all kinds of loans that customers need. The app has more than 10 million downloads as of now and is quite popular amongst people.

  • Paysense

Paysense app is functional in almost more than 50 cities. It provides loans for as low as 5000rs and as high as 2 lacs. Its popularity is what makes it so trustworthy among people.

  • Loan tap

Loan tap is for salaried individuals only. It provides loans to people with a salary higher than Rs35000 per
month. The amount is transferred in just one day into the accounts of the people who apply for the loans.

  • Early salary

The basic idea behind the early salary app is that provides the loan to employees before they get their salary, so it is basically like early salary for them. It is also for salaried individuals whose income is more than Rs 25000.

  • Cashe

Cashe also provides loans to salaried individuals for as long as 12 months. The amounts vary from the minimal amounts to as high as 3 lacs.

  • Dhani

Dhani app provides instant free loans of up to 3 lacs just with the click of a button. It provides cashbacks on the transactions as well. The app also includes doctor’s consultations related to medical problems that the users might have.

  • Nira

Nira app has recently added new partners to provide faster disbursals along with large loan amounts. The amount provided ranges from Rs 25000 to Rs 1 lacs.

Flex salary

Flex salary is the best app if you do not want to give a collateral for the loan that you need. It is a collateral free loan app that fulfils your emergency cash requirements within minutes.

  • Money view

Money view is 100% online. It provides loans of amount 10000 to Rs 5 lacs. The user should have a minimum salary of Rs 15000 to apply for loan on the app.

  • Kreditbee

This app facilitates loan transactions between the users and NBFCs.

These are the most famous loan apps in India. Though the list is pretty long, these are the best among the lot and are verified too.


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