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6 Highest Paid Actress in 2020-21

6 Highest Paid Actress in 2020-21

Are you one of us who always wonders which actress around the globe is getting paid more in the current year? Then read this article by Passionbyte as we mentioned the top 6highest paid actresses in 2020-2021. So without wasting any time, let’s unwrap together and find out who made it in this list. 

Scarlett Johansson ($56 million)

Scarlett Ingrid Johansson is first on our list and we all know why? She is a wonderful American actress, who was born in 1984, on the 22nd of November. Scarlette was on this list in 2019 and 2018 and we all can see the current: also got featured numerous times on the Forbes Celebrity top 100 list. Her movie grossed more than 14.3 billion dollars globally, which successfully made her the 9th highest-grossing box office celebrity of all time. 

Sofía Margarita Vergara ($43 million)

Sofía Margarita Vergara is a Colombian-American actress, model, businesswoman, presenter, and television producer who was born in 1972 on, 10th of July. This is not the first time she got featured in this list, Sofia highest-paid actress twice this year, in 2013 and 2020. Earlier she was co-hosting two television shows for television network Univision for Spanish language network in the 1990s.  

Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon ($35 million)

Reese Witherspoon is an American actress, entrepreneur, and movie producer, who received numerous awards due to this amazing work in the industry, which made her highest-paid actress in the year 2019 and 2021, and most influential people worldwide in the year 2015 and 2006, and title of being most powerful in top 100 list on the year 2019. 

Angelina Jolie ($35.5 million)

Here is 4th on our list: everyone’s favorite Angelina Jolie, who was born in 1975, 4th of June, in California who is an American actress, humanitarian, and filmmaker. She is one of those actresses who can be always seen on this list. Angelina has worked with more than thirty productions since she entered the industry, 1982. 

Gal Gadot-Varsano ($31.5 million)

Gal Gadot is an Israeli model and actress who was born in the year 1985 on the 30th of April. She became Miss Israel in 2004 at the age of 18, also worked as a soldier in Israel Defense Forces for almost two years, but she decided to continue with her studies where she got a chance to begin her acting and modeling career. She was also featured on the list before 2018. 

Julia Fiona Roberts ($30 million)

Julia Roberts is an American actress who was born in 1967 on the 28th of October, who is last on today’s list: she won numerous awards for her excellent performance in the movie named Erin Brockovich that was released in the year 2000. Her movies grossed more than 100 million dollars at the domestic box office just with the 12 movies. She is always listed as one of the bankable stars of the Hollywood industry, who has grossed more than 3,8 billion dollars worldwide.


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