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Famous Awards in the Field of Music and Films

There are a variety of awards in the category of film and music. Some of them are awarded annually while some are given semi-annually. Let’s see which are the most famous ones:

BAFTA awards

The British academy film awards or the BAFTA awards are awarded annually to the best contributions by the British and international community. They are considered to be the British equivalents of the Oscars. It happens in the opera house as of 2008. The tickets for BAFTA can be brought from tickets.bafta.org.

The Academy’s annual Film Awards have continued to evolve since their inception. This year, 25 film awards will be presented to the industry’s outstanding talent. From only three categories at the first Film Awards in 1948, BAFTA now recognises outstanding achievement in 25 Film-related categories.

Filmfare awards

The Film fare Awards are a set of awards that honor artistic and technical excellence in the Hindi-language film industry of India. Film fare is one of the most prestigious events of India. The most famous celebrities are presented with the awards in Film fare. Recently, Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt won the Film fare awards for Gully boy which was also nominated for Oscars.

The Film fare ceremony is one of the most famous film events in India. Under this system, in contrast to the National Film Awards, which are decided by a panel appointed by Indian Government, the Film fare Awards are voted on by both the public and a committee of experts.

Academy awards

The Academy Awards, are also known as the Oscars, these are the awards for artistic and technical merit in the film industry. They are regarded as the most famous and prestigious awards in the entertainment industry of all time. Slumdog millionaire is the most famous movie from India which won Oscars.

Emmy awards

Emmy Award, is any of the annual presentations made for outstanding achievements in television in the United States. The name Emmy derives from Immy, a nickname for image orthicon, a camera tube used in television. Emmy award is won the maximum number of times by “Saturday nights live”. Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been praised as the “most successful sitcom star ever,” and though most Americans know her for her signature dance moves as Elaine from “Seinfeld,” it’s as “Veep’s” veep, Selina Meyer, that Louis-Dreyfus won six of her eight Primetime Emmy awards for acting, tied for the most ever.

Apart from these, there are other famous awards like Grammy’s. Grammy’s are different from Oscars as Oscars are given for films while Grammy awards are given for music.


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