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Iconic Singer Tina Turner Says Goodbye To Fans In Her Documentary

Anna Mae Bullock, famous as her stage name Tina Turner was born on 1939, 26 November in Brownsville, Tennessee, U.S. She is a Swiss singer, actress, dancer, and songwriter. Tina was known for her work in  “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll” in the 60s and 70s; she raised her existence as an Ike & Tina Turner’s frontwoman before beginning her career as a solo singer performer. She started her career in this industry in 1957 to 2009, and then in 2020

Tina says goodbye to her fans

Recently, the HBO documentary of Tina turner was released in public by makers, and it caught so much attention from fans like never before. Tina faced many tragedies and suffered from various illnesses in her old days of life, which never publicly comes in. In the documentary, Tina says goodbye to her fans after overcoming and defeating her past pains. Let’s see what Tina faced after retiring officially. 

In 2021, 27 March, the documentary film of Tina Turner set for the premiere on HBO. The documentary’s main focus was tina looking back at her great days when she did live concerts and was active in her music career. She also mentioned that her life wasn’t great, and she was unable to balance her life. In the documentary, fans will saw her talking about her post-traumatic stress disorder and was domestically abused by Ike turner, her first husband.

After Tina!: 50th Anniversary Tour

fans never saw her again performing on stage or any music video as she decided to retire herself after the concert in 2009. Iconic singer turner was also seen sharing footage and talking about her time when she was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. Her fans were very concerned about Tina’s health and her type of cancer at that time.  

She separated from Ika turner in 1978 and then decided to find her love once again by marrying the second time with Erwin Bach, but few weeks she suffered from a heavy stroke. She did so many things to treat her cancer; one was taking homeopathic treatment, but it became worst and worst with time and led to a failing kidney. It also comes in public that tina dedicated to committing suicide because of her pains and suffering, but her second husband Erwin Bach decided to support her in her hard times and gave her his kidney to save Tina’s life.

Tina Turner recovered from her deepest and hard past

After facing this hard time, she received a piece of news about her real estate agent son Craig Hill when he committed suicide, which broke her from inside out. Her son was found with a gunshot wound on the death spot. When this question was asked to Tina, she mentioned that her first husband’s relationship has a huge impact on Craig Hill’s life.

This was all about the iconic singer Tina turner, which can not be explained in a single article. The pain and suffering she faced never made her weak, and now, after beating all the hard times, she came in front of her fans. She is always an inspiration for many and teaches us how hard times encounter people, and all we can do is to stand and face the problem bravely as winners never quit. 


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