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Importance of yoga after the age of 40

It becomes really hard to carry on with cardio exercises after a certain age. Due to the rise in weight after the 40s, people usually give up exercises that require huge physical stamina. This is where yoga comes in. So, lets see why yoga is important after the age of 40:

1- Cures arthritis up to an extent

Yoga is found to be very effective for arthritis or knee pain. Regularly doing yoga helps in easing arthritis pain and provides flexibility to your knees as well.

2-Core and back strength

As it is evident, yoga is basically done for improving your core and back strength. Most of the postures require a straight back, which helps in improving your back strength.

3- Hormonal changes

After the age of 40, most of the women go through the phase of menopause. They start facing hormonal changes in their body. These changes increase the level of irritation and yoga can help in easing this tension up to a great extent.

4- Reduces stress

Proper meditation and yoga is known to ease stress levels. The basic idea behind yoga is to provide a state of calm and composure, which in turn reduces stress.

5- Reduces anxiety

Anxiety is when a person is consistently worried about something. This tension and worry is the cause of many other problems too. Yoga helps a person in stability of mind. Mind stability is very important to control anxiety and yoga gives us that.

6- Provides peace of mind

Yoga and meditation require one to focus on one place and does not let the mind wander here and there. Peace of mind comes with it. The main practice in yoga is to keep your mind focused and think about positive things, which in turn results in peace of mind.

7-Stable blood pressure

After the age of 40, both men and women start having high or low blood pressure levels. Both high and low blood pressure are not good for one’s health. Yoga helps in stable breathing practices and reduces stress, which is the main reason behind changing blood pressure levels.

8- Asthma

Anulom vilom and other breathing exercises are essential for curing asthma. Asthma refers to a condition where a person is not able to breathe properly and he/she require a pump for that. Yoga will ensure that you won’t need a pump for asthma ever again.

9- Sleep issues

The stability and peace of mind due to yoga, help one in having a sound life. Sound life means peaceful sleep. So, you won’t feel worried because of yoga and that means you will have a sound sleep.

10- Chronic or terminal illness

Many people suffer from chronic or terminal illnesses after they have crossed the age of 40. Yoga helps one in focussing their mind away from that illness, this in turn helps in giving your body time to recover.

Thus, these were the 10 most important points of yoga for people who have crossed the age of 40. Keep these in mind, and do yoga regularly to have a healthy body and mind.


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