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Latest Hollywood Fitness News of 2021

The passion bytes provides Hollywood’s latest fitness and glamour news, which is one of the accurate sources to collect information from, whether it is about the whole industry or a single celebrity. Let’s cover some of the trending latest fitness and beauty news that happened this year.

Rebel Willson working on weight loss 

Australian actress Rebel Willson cleared in one of the interviews that people started treating her differently after she opened and worked hard to lose weight. Recently, she managed to lose more than 66 pounds in a very short time, which is around 29.9 kg. In the radio interview, she concluded that she finds it interesting how others treat you when you do hard work.

Rebel is 40 years old, and she finds it fantastic how she transformed after such a long time of thinking; she implemented and managed to achieve a good shape as she spends twenty years overweight.

Jennifer Lopez said she used to hate herself in her 30s. 

Fifty-one years old American singer Jennifer Lopez opened that she realized she is not in love with herself in her 30s, and when she understood, she started attending therapy lessons throughout her 30s. Lopez also mentioned self-loving and caring for yourself was a trend at that time, and I find this concept useless, but I realized the way I was doing all these things is not seems to like I loved myself.

She decided to take help from the coach named Jay Shetty for mind peace as she was also taking therapy for ‘finding forgiveness’ after the end of her marriage with Singer Marc Anthony. Lopez cleared she was still in love with him because he is the father of her children.

Demi Moore fulfills her teenage dream, but fans are upset.

American actress named Demi Moore is 58 years old, who wants to fulfill her teenage dream by walking and becoming part of the fashion show, but supporters are looking little upset with Demi as fans weren’t ready to see the transformation that has been seen in international fashion label.

Most people find her nothing like herself and unrecognizable when she shared the photo on the social media platform. Most people guess two situations that made Demi look like this, and those reasons are either she did a knife, or it is makeup fault.

Blake Lively went bond over a body issue after her third child.

American actress star Blake Lively thanked English actress Sophie Turner for encouraging and supporting her on her struggle on Monday. Blake was facing and battling so many physical body issues after her third child. She shared how worried she was because of her body from 2019 on Friday’s talking show. She also revealed that no sample was fitting her property for the show. 

She wrote and mentioned that she was so confused and insecure after giving birth to the third child, but she finds it now a beautiful miracle as she is producing to feed her child, and that is a part of nature. Blake said she was so silly and sad because she wasn’t able to fit in the cloth, which is not at all an issue. On that post, Sophie Turner commented with support.

Nick Jonas becomes the FIRST celebrity to talk about diabetes

American single nick jones became the first celebrity who talked about diabetes on a Super Bowl television show. He is currently 28 years old who is a patient of type 1 diabetes opened and did a discussion over it in the commercial.  After his shared view on the commercial, he got mixed reviews from the audience as most of them to find it very expensive and complicated to understand.

The two mixed reviews received from fans are that featuring jones’s brother for a 30-second ad costs 5.5 million USD for airtime only, while others are happy to see the first time talking about Type 1 diabetes.


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