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Top 5 Myth Vs. Facts About Mental Health

Can you distinguish between a fact and a myth? If yes, then you are in the right place. Today in this blog “Top 5 Myth Vs. Facts About Mental Health”, we will learn the actual truth behind the most common myths related to mental health. 

Myth: Mental health problems don’t affect me.

Fact: In 2014, Problems related to mental health was so common 

  • 1 in twenty five American was living with a serious mental illness, for example, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or depression
  • 1 in ten youngster experiencing a major depression
  • 1 in five adults of America faced serious mental health issue 

And due to this, the 10th leading cause of death becomes suicide which leads to the death of more than 41,000 American people every year, and double of these no. loss to homicide. 

Myth: Children don’t experience mental health problems.

Fact: Young children can also become victims of mental health problems as it can be diagnosable clinically and can be the interaction product of psychological, biological, and some other factors. 

Before individual turns, a fourteen-year-old, the half of the signs of mental disorder shows up and at the age of 24, the three-quarters of mental health problem begins. The sad part is that only 20 percent of adolescents and children facing this problem managed to receive this treatment. 

Myth: People with mental health disorders are unpredictable and violent 

Fact: A large number of people with having mental health disorders are no likely to be unpredictable, harmful, or violent. Not all of them are violent but some of them like 3 to 5 percent of people act or behave violently which comes under a serious mental health illness. 

In fact, it is tested that people having mental sickness are more likely to be violent crime victims. Victims are mostly unable to realize that are in tension as mostly the people who face this disorder are the highly productive and active personality of the communities. 

Myth: People with mental health problems cannot tolerate the job stress

Fact: People having mental health disorders are equally productive as other workers or employees. It is proven that employees that have the disorder have better attendance reports and are extremely punctual will the good work, motivation, and tenure of the job more than normal and relaxed employees. 

When these type of employees gets an effective and proper treatment, it gives a positive result like 

  • Increases productivity
  • Decreases disability costs
  • Lower total medical costs
  • Lower absenteeism

Myth: character flaws and personality weaknesses can impact mental health and can snap out of it if they try hard enough.

Fact: Mental health problems that have a huge impact on individuals have nothing to do with being weak and lazy, but they prefer taking rest as it helps them get better. Many things are involved in cousin mental health problem which includes. 

  • Experiences of life such as history or a trauma of abuse.
  • Individuals having mental problems can get better with time as recovery rate totally depends differently on different people. 
  • Received from the traits or having family history
  • Biological factors, such as physical illness, genes, brain chemistry or any injury.


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