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Top 7 Engineering Marvels in the World

How you can define a proper definition of Marvel? Is it something like which makes you think, “How did that Marvel is made” For us, a marvel is something that is astonishing and unique which makes you make to say “WOW” out loud or we can relate it something which is the biggest, the tallest, the highest, the oldest, the longest and so on? 

Some of the marvellous wonders include Victoria Falls, The Great Barrier Reef, Mount Everest, and Aurora Borealis, but in today’s list, we are including the modern astounding marvels that are made by humans. For example railways, tunnels, or tunnels which mainly connect countries and cities, building skyscrapers to withstand an earthquake, and spacecraft for sending humans to the moon. All these examples prove that these things are made to make human life easier and to solve problems. Today, we are covering the Top 7 Engineering Marvels in the World.

Millau Viaduct

(Tallest cable-stayed road bridge)

The Millau Viaduct is a bridge that was completed in the year 2004 in Southern France across the gorge valley of the Tarn. The planning and designing team was lead by Norman Foster, an English architect, and Michel Virlogeux. The bridge has a structural height of 1,104 ft or 336.4 meters and by September 2020, it was the tallest bridge worldwide.

The Venice Tide Barrier Project

(World’s largest flood prevention project)

After forty years of debating on how to protect Venice from natural calamities, floods and for keeping it from sinking, The World’s largest flood prevention project was instigated in year 2003. The Venice Tide Barrier Project is one of an innovative engineering feat which is designed for keeping the sea waters and consists of rotating 78 gates from the Venetian Lagoon entering if high storms and tides are in the forecast.

Bird’s Nest or National Stadium

(World’s largest steel structure)

The National Stadium is nicknamed the Bird’s Nest for its lattice-like design and intricate shape. The astonishing World’s largest steel structure looks like public artwork than a stadium of Olympics, which is designed by Swiss architects Pierre de Meuron and Jacques Herzog. The Bird’s Nest was designed and completed in the year 2008 Paralympics and Olympic Games that have seats of more than 80,000 people. 

Its elaborate designs incorporate Chinese mythology and symbols.

The Bailong Elevator

(The highest and heaviest outdoor elevator)

The Bailong Elevator is built off the side of a cliff in China in National Forest Park. It is one of the heaviest and highest outdoor elevators globally which is around 1,070 feet in high that includes three double stories of glass lift that is recognized as the sight-seeing elevator or “Hundred Dragons Elevator,” that takes at least two minutes for riding from the top that can normally carry 50 people on a single trip and almost give a ride to 18000 people daily. 

Palm Islands

(The world’s largest artificial island)

Palm Islands is a huge innovative engineering feat that is established on the coast in the Persian of the United Arab Emirates near Dubai. It is recognized as the biggest island made by humans in the land of the United Arab Emirates, which is designed and built by Nakheel Properties that begin in the year 2001 with Palm Jumeirah. By utilizing ships that are sand dredging, the island is made by filling the island and the seabed with the sand. 

Here we mentioned the top 5 Engineering Marvels in the World, isn’t it fascinating to see this in real life. Let us know what you think are the marvellous one of them all and if you got the chance where would you prefer to go.


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