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What is Google Analytics and the way to use it?

Google analytics is one of the most famous digital analytics software available in the market right now. It helps you in measuring the visitors on your website and lets you have an in depth knowledge of the traffic on your website.

It provides valuable insights that can help you in shaping your website’s future policies. Though it is very important to be aware about the referral spam that can influence the data presented to you. Many companies use tools to block the referral spams and a lot of efforts and costs are put into it by the companies.

Is Google analytics free?

Yes, as of now google analytics is provided for free by google. Though it is not necessary that it will be free in the future too, thus it is better to have options with you.

What does google analytics tell you?

Google analytics tells about the number of visitors on your website. It shares relevant details like how many views your website has, how many people visited your website and how many of them checked the products or clicked on the links in your website.

These details help businesses in making future decisions relating to their website and also help to assess the traffic on their website.

How to use it?

There are a variety of ways that you can use to learn how to use google analytics. The most famous ones are Google analytics academy and the google analytics you tube channel. The google analytics course takes as less as 4 to 5 hours to learn plus if you are able to get a certificate for it, your name will appear in the searchable google database.

Steps involved

1- Set standards for your website

Before you start using google analytics, it is important to set standards for your website. Standards here means how much traffic do you wish to have for your website and how many views would be best according to you.

2- Check the Google analytics

The second step is to check the data given by the google analytics and compare it with the standards that you set.

3- Take necessary action.

The last step is to take necessary actions to improve the traffic on your website. You can take various steps for that like publishing content on your website or adding links to your site. The website look can also be improved to increase the traffic on your website.

Thus, google analytics software can be used to check the traffic on your website as well as improve the number of viewers on your website.


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